The Story

This fragrance came to be as a natural culmination of Abdulla’s sophisticated sense of smell.

From a young age, Abdulla always found himself overcome with infatuation whenever he took a trip down the otherworldly vast collection of perfumes found in his mother’s boudoir. He began to see fragrances as so much more than simply a scent, but rather a journey of scintillating his senses, taking him down a nostalgic path to the past present or future.

Where scents are concerned, Abdulla believes it is all about the perfect balance of sultry scents that give off an empowering energy.

The Brand

The influencer, and Qatari tastemaker makes his debut in the world of fragrance with these empowering and sensual scents. Dusk and Dawn represent the very essence of Al Abdulla. They are two individual scents, with one identity. Inspired by his Arabian heritage comes complex and irresistible genderless scents.

The two scents were developed by one of the worlds oldest fragrance houses in Grasse founded in 1779 .

Abdulla Al Abdulla will be the first ever ‘Made in Qatar’ fragrance brand launching at an international capacity.